Thursday, October 30, 2008

musicfest fever II

Amazin' Walter and I will create a musicfest-inspired sand sculpture at Wanna Wanna beach Saturday morning. Stop by and say howdy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't let anyone stop you from voting!

Musicfest fever!

Got up early this morning and with the house to myself was able to turn up the volume on the festival website music player. I am making my list and checking it twice and discovering --

The BEST thing about the festival: There are so many great artists performing
The WORST thing about the festival: All these great artists are playing at the same time on different ends of the island!


What I recall from last year (and this probably just reflects my personal discomfort with big crowds) is that in general I enjoyed the shows in the smaller venues more-so than I did the larger ones, irrespective of the talent being exhibited. Of course the most popular acts will be playing the larger venues (Louie’s and Schlitterbahn) but my suggestion to the SPI musicfest novice would be to make sure that you catch at least one small club act. A couple that are on my “really gonna try and make” list include Ginger Leigh at Amberjacks Sat. night (located close enough to Louie’s that I will still be able to sandwich at least some of her show in between Del Castillo [shout out to our homeboy Albert Besteiro!] and Alejandro Escovedo.) and James Speer at Texas Moon Friday night (sandwiched between Dog Men Poets and some Miami Miami but will allow me to see the whole of the Grupo Fantasma - a band I really got off on last year - over at Louie’s.)

(On a side note, I see that there aren’t any shows scheduled for the Blackbeards’ patio this year. What’s up with that? I really enjoyed listening to Patrice Pike and her sister there last year and thought it made a killer location for the mellower folksy acts -- and not just because I live practically next door.)

Anyway. I know that I won’t be the only one dashing madly to and fro on the boulevard this weekend.... wondering if my bike might be faster?
Or just riskier?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

steal these banners!

and link them to
The shelter is overflowing and needs your help finding good homes for deserving animals.

Thank you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reagan Endorses Obama

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Music in the Sandbox - tonight

Pre-music festival music!
Jennifer Leonhardt alights at the Sandbox this evening - come by 117 E. Saturn for a little bit of Austin right here on SPI. Jenn played in Louie's last night to great reception - expect a mellow, relaxed and relaxing show tonight. Everyone's favorite local uke players - the Saturn Street Strummers - will kick things off around 7 PM followed by Jenn & Co. Everyone welcomed -- all donations will go to the performers. Hope to see you! -sf

More music by Eliot Schreiner - youthful jazz composer

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best SandCastle Days Ever?

That's what some folks are saying. And I haven't talked to a single person yet who doesn't agree that Isla Blanca proved to be a pretty perfect location or that Amazin' Walter didn't do an excellent job of directing the festival. The one thing we couldn't control - the weather - was a bit of an issue on Thursday but by Saturday you couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

Tuesday night the sculptors were treated to a cruise on the Black Dragon, donning pirate garb and engaging in water pistol warfare. What a great experience to be able to offer our visitors....

Fun fun fun! Thanks everyone!
(more photos here)

pre-music festival shoot of some sort

I don't know exactly what this is all about, but I am going to try to participate nonetheless....

“Jessica Padre” and Locals Itinerary- Tuesday. October 21, 2008

This afternoon, locals and South Padre Network will combine efforts to exude to the world the excitement us locals have in hosting the 2nd annual South Padre International Music Festival. We will execute this by interviewing locals individually and in groups about their feelings and thoughts on the festival this year. Enthusiasm and positive island vibes are necessary as we marketing our festival to the world via internet.

***Instruments and music related clothing is encouraged!

The following is our schedule for this afternoon. If you are available to shoot after Tequila Sunset, please follow us to Palm Street Pier and Club Pelican West. Your presence at any and all of these filming locations is important to us! Please try and rally others as well, as we would like to portray the island enthusiasm through you and many people!

4:00 pm: Amberjacks Bayside Bar and Grill

(Upstairs or Palapa area TBD)

5:00 pm: Louie’s Backyard

(Upstairs Deck)

6:00 pm: Tequila Sunset


Please contact:

“Jessica Padre”: Aarin Hartwell- 956 455 5238 South Padre Network: Jerry Wilson- 956 371 3339

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sandcastle Days is Happening!

The demo sculpture should be finished today, though some scurvy dogs might be feeling a wee bit hungover from the Black Dragon pirate cruise last night - see Pyrate "Canuckle" Karyna come out with both guns blazing! (more photos here)

Come down to Isla Blanca and say howdy to our visiting sculptors - this year's roster includes two current world champions (team and solo categories) and the reigning North American Champion as well. Masters contest starts tomorrow and I hear rumors that a live webcam may be capturing the action as soon as later today!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

the Klingons are evacuating Saturn

They roared to the shore.
They amused us with their costumes of black leather and fringe.
They hurt our ears and they terrified our dogs.
The scowled at us.
They left our streets and parking lots strewn with beer cans and bottles.
(Mercifully, our beaches were spared; Klingons are not beach people.)
And now they are roaring back to wherever they came from.

The best thing I could think to say about them is - Hurray for the businesses that got a piece of the action. I know they needed a good weekend and I hope it surpassed expectations.
The second best thing I could think to say about the Klingon Invasion is - Thank goodness it’s only three days.

DaHjaj 'oH QaQ jaj!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jennifer Leonhardt coming to SPI - Pre-musicfest music!

In honor of Daniel Pearl World Music Day I will be hosting another house concert at the Sandbox on Sunday. Oct. 26 - the weekend before the music festival -- Jennifer Leonhardt aka Jenny and the Whalers. (If the name sounds familiar it is because she performed at the music festival here last year.)

Listen to her stuff on her myspace page - she totally kicks ass. She has a new cd coming out in Nov. and she is playing at Louies Sat. the 25th and here at the Sandbox on the 26th. You will definitely want to catch both shows as the Louie's show will rock while Sandbox Inn show will be more laid back and intimate.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What is "South Padre" Style

"South Padre" style
You're looking at it.
According to, anyway.
I was looking for a runner for my hallway (between Dolly and two aging, sickly pets the old one just had to go) and ran across this "South Padre" style rug/mat from the "Five Season" collection. I had to have it! In fact, I ordered two!
"South Padre" rug label

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A little birdy told me....

So how many times have you heard a variation on this theme:
“Gosh that was a great show/party/free-for-all the other night at Wanna Wanna/Louies/Boomies. The band was really connecting with the crowd! The drinks were half-price and where did all those beautiful women/cute kids on the dance floor come from???”

Too bad you didn’t hear about it until the next day, hey?

Wouldn’t it be great to get short, sweet updates on local happenings directly to your cell phone or computer AS THEY ARE HAPPENING?

But of course you already can, using a really great, FREE service called Twitter!

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that there might still be a few folks out there who don’t know what twitter is...

The best way to understand how useful it is would be to set up your very own (FREE!) account at and start using it right away. So why not head over to and set one up. Right now! I’ll wait.

Okey dokey. Now who ya gonna follow?

We have some big fun things looming on the SPI horizon right now, and twitter is a great way to make sure you stay on top of things. Here is my list of SPI- area tweeters that I recommend you check out:

- sandyfeet - yes, I know it is egotistical as all getout to put myself at the top of the list but Sandcastle Days is NEXT WEEK and I will be tweeting blow-by-blow updates from my sandpile in Isla Blanca Park while constantly updating the photos on my flickr stream.
- spimusicfest - my fondest hope is that spimusicfest will keep us all informed of last minute schedule/venue changes, parking conditions, and anything else that could affect our enjoyment of the shows. Furthermore, you would understand why people in the know crack up when they hear the phrase “more cowbell!” if you were already following spimusicfest.
- southpadrelive - because he is one goofy SOB who really gets around and is constantly announcing new webcams and stuff
- Joni_Paragraphs - follow the trials and tribulations and reading recommendations of the owner of SPI’s new bookstore - opening soon!
- robnixon - surfrider guy and tireless defender of dunes and county parks

Spend a little time with the search feature and you will undoubtedly find some other good tweeters to follow --maybe you already have. If so, why not post them here and help us find them too?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Last Day to register to vote in Texas!!!!

I love flow charts.