Friday, November 25, 2011

Trail Update - 11/25/11

Well, the flying turtle at city hall is the most recent victim of the sand terrorists. The sculpture was constructed of styrofoam and cement and I’d like to think that the turtle put up something of a fight. Takes a lot of moxie to attack public art directly outside of the police station -- I’m sure it gave the perp a great deal of satisfaction....

In other news: the Turtle Lady has been decapitated and both the surfer and the caterpillar are history. The Angry Birds Tiki and the butterfly castle live on, as does the fish/turtle sculpture that used to be the School of Rock. Or parts of it, anyway.

A less-determined soul would take this as a sign that this trail is just not meant to be -- but I vow to persevere. Some of the sculptures survive, and where the vandal hordes have left sad piles of sand, new sculptures will arise. (And we are looking at options for repairing the flying sea turtle as well.) We continue to learn what works and will be incorporating this new information into creating sculptures that have a better chance of surviving long enough to become truly hard.

But first: I have to go build something lovely in Huntington Beach, CA. I’ll be back on the trail (if the weather cooperates) in December. 


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