Friday, May 30, 2008

what kind of person does this?

Today's Island Breeze had a picture of a dog balancing a bone on his nose. According to the article, "Dog" lived with his family for 12 years. They loved him, cared for him and taught him tricks -- and then they up and left town, leaving Dog to his fate at the animal shelter.

I cannot conceive of what kind of circumstances would cause people to do something like that. I really can't.

This story has lodged itself in my head and it won't go away...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Europe trip numero uno

Exactly one week from today I leave on my first big trip of the season - I will be representing Texas, the US and the continent in the invitational sand sculpture event in Valladolid, Spain starting June 9. From there I will head directly to the contest in Hampton Beach, NH so you won't be seeing my smiling face on the isla for a while...

But let's stay in touch! I finally joined skype (an internet phone service - and calls between fellow users are free so if you need to talk to me while I am gone, that will be the best way. (My user name is "dafeets".)

While I am at it, I would like to mention another great internet-related service that I am using on this trip: is a great way to meet the locals before you travel -- and maybe find a free couch to sleep on away from home. I joined up a few months ago and as the only couch on SPI (last I checked) have already hosted a few interesting folks here at the SandBox. Now it is my turn to be hosted. For my three day Spanish adventure (starting June 9 I will be the guest of the contest organizers in Valladolid) I will be staying one night in Madrid, then catching a bus to Segovia where I will spend two nights in the shadow of a Roman Aqueduct. How cool is that?!?

Next month: Italy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

unexpected.exciting.passionate: jenna+niko- the proposal !

So here are some totally fabulous shots of a proposal sculpture I built last week...

unexpected.exciting.passionate: jenna+niko- the proposal !


Saturday, May 24, 2008

You could be an SPI STAR!

Auditions are being held Monday at Club Pelican West for an on camera personality to represent south padre in an upcoming TV and Web advertising campaign.

This will be a live screen test held on stage with a short prepared script.

Please contact Jerry/Jackie at 956-371-3339 for details ASAP.

Our ship be coming, me mateys!

So. A little birdy tells me that our Pirate Ship is really and truly going to arrive before the summer is over and in fact The Black Dragon is nearly ready to start taking reservations with the first voyage scheduled for June 20th. Argghhhh!



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

The Last Days of Summer

I know, summer hasn't even officially begun yet, but I am already almost completely booked through Labor Day.

I say "almost" -- because I do have a (very) few dates still vacant. Over the past several days there has been a small flurry of email flooding in from interested parties. I have decided the fairest way to handle this happy state of affairs is to post specific dates and rates here and see who can come up with a deposit first.

Prices listed are the whole enchilada - the taxes and cleaning fees are already figured in, but tack on another $50 if you are bringing Fido(s). The first party to post a 50% deposit on my secure server gets the Sandbox. (You can choose paypal from there as well; and I do card authorizations manually so if you post too late your card will not be charged and the info will be purged.)

I will remove dates promptly as they are booked so you may assume this list is reasonably up to date.

See the list of available dates



give the turtles a break

On Sat. I taught a sandcastle lesson to some nice people staying at the Comfort Inn Suites. During the course of a lesson, a little girl ran up to a woman sitting near by to excitedly report she had seen a turtle. Mom was skeptical, but then dad walked over and told her that he too had seen the turtle, that he had attempted to grab it and that it had then swam off.

I quickly but politely informed the gentleman that he shouldn’t ought to have done that, that the turtle was probably attempting to come ashore to lay her eggs. But what I really wanted to scream was “You #$%^&* numbskull! If you weren’t such an idiot, right now we might very likely be witnessing something most people never get to see -- a member of an endangered species laying her eggs!”

I hope most people who come here have the good sense to leave a wild creature in its native habitat alone to do what she needs to do, but just in case it bears repeating -- if you see a turtle anywhere near the beach, LEAVE IT ALONE!“

On a happier but related note, our beloved ”Turtle Lady“ has had a Kemps ridley named after her! Read all about Ila the sea turtle.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proposal Castle on the Suntide II Beachcam today!

I am building a "Will You Marry Me" castle within range of the Suntide II Beachcam today, starting about 4 PM. The lad and his lucky lady should be strolling by around 8 PM. Watch the drama unfold LIVE at!

ps did you know there is now a baycam you can control located at Louie's? Look for it at

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Perfect Pairs"

This is the sculpture my partner (Katie Corning of Ft. Myers Beach) and I are doing at the tournament of champions. Tomorrow is our last day. It is cold and miserable and though i am having fun I am going to be happy to be home.

More photos of this and other event sculptures on my flickr stream...