Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Musicfest fever!

Got up early this morning and with the house to myself was able to turn up the volume on the festival website music player. I am making my list and checking it twice and discovering --

The BEST thing about the festival: There are so many great artists performing
The WORST thing about the festival: All these great artists are playing at the same time on different ends of the island!


What I recall from last year (and this probably just reflects my personal discomfort with big crowds) is that in general I enjoyed the shows in the smaller venues more-so than I did the larger ones, irrespective of the talent being exhibited. Of course the most popular acts will be playing the larger venues (Louie’s and Schlitterbahn) but my suggestion to the SPI musicfest novice would be to make sure that you catch at least one small club act. A couple that are on my “really gonna try and make” list include Ginger Leigh at Amberjacks Sat. night (located close enough to Louie’s that I will still be able to sandwich at least some of her show in between Del Castillo [shout out to our homeboy Albert Besteiro!] and Alejandro Escovedo.) and James Speer at Texas Moon Friday night (sandwiched between Dog Men Poets and some Miami Miami but will allow me to see the whole of the Grupo Fantasma - a band I really got off on last year - over at Louie’s.)

(On a side note, I see that there aren’t any shows scheduled for the Blackbeards’ patio this year. What’s up with that? I really enjoyed listening to Patrice Pike and her sister there last year and thought it made a killer location for the mellower folksy acts -- and not just because I live practically next door.)

Anyway. I know that I won’t be the only one dashing madly to and fro on the boulevard this weekend.... wondering if my bike might be faster?
Or just riskier?


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