Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing Hardhat Tree

Our friend John Geiseking forwards this shot of a chance encounter with the rare "Hardhat Tree", a mysterious non-native species that occasionally sprouts on the beach north of town. (That is John himself on the right and his wife's cousin Doug on the left.)
Have you spotted one of these? Have a photo to prove it? We would love to see it, especially if accompanied by a report documenting the experience.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You just never know who you will encounter up the beach....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Courting and Sparking on Election Eve

It started with a call from Bill. That’s right - former president Bill himself, calling little ol’ me. I was hoping he wanted to commission a sand sculpture; I had read that the Clinton campaign was spending money like a drunken sailor and I would love to get on that gravy train...

But no, all he wanted was for me to vote for his wife - and quite frankly he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise when I attempted to sell him on a logo castle. In short succession I got two calls from Hillary herself -- who also wasn’t answering any questions about her healthcare program or anything else. She did ask me if I was happy with the current administration, but never paused to hear my answer.

I like Bill and Hill. But I like talking to people who give me an opportunity to answer a question even better.

And then came a call from a real live union guy asking who I was going to vote for. I told him Obama! (I just love saying Obama! It has such a happy ring to it) and the real live guy quickly signed off with a “Don’t forget to vote on March 4!”

I love being able to produce the right answer.... right off the top of my head!

All you other Island Jackass Democrats come talk politics and load up on bumper stickers Thursday night at 6 over at Zeste. I’ll see you there.

Seeking a big TV for Sand Blasters Screening Party 3/8/08

Last year we did this at Louie’s and it was lots of fun. But this year the Sand Blasters Premier falls on the first Sat. night of Texas Week and Louie’s is going to have their hands plenty full, I reckon.

Here is our wishlist:

Big screen TV that gets the Travel Channel
Seating for a large group (20+people?)
Cash bar for purchasing adult beverages
A fridge to stash our bottles, etc.

Any/all suggestions welcomed -- we want to watch this with as many of our friends as possible!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amazing Live Music this Weekend

You don't have to scratch the surface of the local population very deep to find someone who loved and misses the recently departed Steve Gomez greatly. Sherrie Gomez is having to deal with a lot of stuff these days, and huge medical bills is one thing that everyone - regardless of whether you knew the man - can help out with this Saturday at Louie's. The all-star line up of musicians (we've missed you, Albie!) coming together to play promises to be one of those "Miss This One and You Will Live to Regret It" concerts.

The live auction is another reflection of how much Steve will be missed. Stormy passed on this description of a couple photos that will be auctioned off by Shane from 7-8:30 that evening:

The Cabo de Gata image is an "Artist's Proof" out of an edition of 12
images only. There are only 7 images left from this edition of this image.
This image sells in my galleries for $2,000

The nude "Paula at Las Pozas" was taken in Edward James' jungle paradise in
Mexico, the place where we first met Steve and Sherri and a place he loved
to visit. Paula, who is a dear friend of mine, is a twin from Argentina.
You can see more of her, and her sister, on my website
This image sells in my galleries for $2,500


"Nice Image for our Town"

This was lying in wait in my mailbox this morning:

...pulled this off the Forum this morning. Do you think we could show a better side? This is what needs to be addressed by our board of aldermen, city powers and citizens. For all the good we possess, many lose site of the big picture and present this to the world. I am appalled, ashamed and (disgusted) but glad I have not participated in such childish behavior.

Join Date: 2008

San Antonio, Texas

Not very friendly

My husband and I are currently in escrow to purchase a new town home at SPI for a weekend get away . However, after lurking on this site, I now have my doubts. So far I have read where store clerks at stores are rude to locals, restaurants can't stay open, real estate is not selling and there is no longer a Jim's pier to put in a boat. Not to mention how rude some of you "Islander(s)" are to each other and potential political candidates. Also, how often "winter visitors" are put down. So what is up with town? Is this board truly representative of South Padre?

Let's build a community not constantly destroy one.
Shane Wilson

it's kinda like a train wreck

You want to avert your eyes -- but find you can’t stop reading the stupid SPI forum. The nastiness appears to have ratcheted itself up to a whole new level in the past few days while the moderator hums quietly to himself -- pretending that his forum is not inflicting severe and possibly irreparable damage to the town’s reputation and sense of community.

I try to stay away - honest I do - but then something like Shane’s email pulls me back to sit and watch in horrified fascination as the Prince of Darkness and his chorus (“me too!” “like he said!”) of faceless, disgruntled trolls with way too much time on their hands carelessly undo the costly, decades-long work of our Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and thousands of happy residents and visitors.

What on earth did we do to attract people like these?
And how do we make them go away? or at least shut up?
Yo! Mr. Moderator! Anybody home?

Monday, February 11, 2008

my least favorite day of the year

Will someone let me know when it is safe to come out again (that would be Feb. 15.)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Sand Blasters Stuff

As the town with (quite possibly) the highest per capita residence of master sand sculptors, South Padre Island is very well represented in the third episode of "Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sandsculpting Competition" which will air for the first time March 8, 2008 on the Travel Channel. Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga (Sand Blasters II second place winner as one half of "Team Trowel and Error") returns with her partner Kirk Rademaker to take on seven other world-class teams - one of which is none other than her business partner and ex-husband, the Amazin' Walter and his amazing daughter Christy (aka "Team Nitty Gritty"). Sculpture will explode! Egos will clash! Sand will fly!

But who will cut the wire? Who will take home the big check? Who has to start all over? Who gets a houseboat cruise on Lake Powell? Who knows the answers to all of these questions? (I do, but if I told you I would have to kill myself ...

So you will just have to watch the show. March 8, 2008 on the Travel Channel.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sand Blasters III

"Get over it - the arch is GONE!"

The Travel Channel has posted a couple of videos from the new version of Sand Blasters -- the one that features three sculptors from South Padre Island (sandy feet, Amazin' Walter and Christy McDonald.) The show is scheduled to premier on March 8 and we will have a viewing party somewhere. (Since the date coincides with Texas Week, it probably won't be at Louie's this year. Any suggestions?)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

New sandcastle going up in the SPI Visitors Center

We took out Santa and the Christmas tree - no one was too sorry to see them go - and commenced work on a new castle this weekend. I really enjoy our sandbox over there; Miss Mary, Miss Sylvia and the other nice folks who work there are so cheerful and pleasant to be around. Weather isn't a factor and we are able to take our time, work when the spirit moves us and just generally have a good time goofing around with Island visitors while we carve.

In honor of the new celebration being planned for April (I think), this sculpture will have a pirate theme. Please stop by and check on our progress. (Photo by Amazin' Walter)

let's tax plastic bag users

This is working great for Ireland.
It would reduce or remove a huge source of litter.
It would be good for the sea turtles.
It would be fantastic publicity for our town -- especially if we could succeed where Los Angeles and San Francisco have failed.

Read the NYTimes Article...