Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holiday Season

Well, I made it through my 50th Birthday celebration and lived to tell the tale. Everyone in attendance agreed it was the best Sandbox party ever -- the Bongodogs had folks dancing in the sand! We will definitely be doing more music things back there - starting as early as next weekend when Raina Rose returns to the ‘Box as part of the SPI International Music Festival.

After that we are going to try a “Trunk Sale” artshow featuring South Padre Island artists. There will be music, wine and cheese and lots of unique goodies for your Christmas shopping pleasure -- in the backyard if weather permits and upstairs if it doesn’t. It all happens Nov. 15 starting around 3 PM -- I will be posting more details soon.

I recently got some new insulated curtains hung in the inn by mentioning the fact that I would be willing to do a partial trade to anyone who could help me out with that little project. It was so successful that I am going to try again. This time a solar-powered water heater tops my wishlist - found a good article on how to build one on the cheap here. Does this look like a project you would be willing to help me tackle? If so, I am ready and willing to work a deal -- let’s talk!

Friday, October 26, 2007

go ahead, dance!

With the SPI Music Festival right around the corner, I though this NYT column to be of timely interest.

Music can be a more satisfying cerebral experience if we let it move us physically. When we hear a chord we like in works by Sibelius or Mahler, our brains want to shout out “Yeah!” When an orchestra builds the timbral mass in Ravel’s “Bolero,” we want to break out of our seats and dance and show how good it feels. Stand up, sit down, shout, let it all out. As the managers of Lincoln Center contemplate renovations, I say rip out some of the seats and give us room to move.



Thursday, October 25, 2007

Peering out from under the weather....

Cold, flu, creeping crud -- whatever you want to call it, I have got it. Bad. Which is a major bummer as the SPI weather - even when you are under it - is so very lovely right now. And my favorite sandguy Kirk is here and I had all these great ideas for how we could spend some magical time together and right now all I want to do is lay around be waited upon. As luck would have it, he’s pretty good at that and if I feel better tomorrow I will credit the restorative powers of his ministrations and the Thai coconut milk/ginger/lemongrass soup fixed specially for me by those really nice folks over at Zeste....

Anyway, I have lots of thanks to give that have nothing to do with my health and everything to do with the great party here at the Sandbox Inn Sunday night. (If you missed it don’t blame me because everyone who reads this blog and a whole bunch who don’t was/were invited!) First the Bongodogs put on a tremendous show in the sandbox -- there was dancing and a real conga line and tons of great food courtesy of Chefette Nannett (aka Nancy Marsden) and other contributors. And then some of my good friends from near and far helped me kick off my (still-ongoing) 50th birthday celebration by entertaining me with songs, poems and exploding pickles. And then we gathered around a ceremonial fire to say our final goodbyes to sandman Joe Maize. And by the end of the night, pretty much everyone agreed that as parties go, this was right up there as one of the best. Ever.

So thanks so much for the baklava and the bourbon/chocolate/pecan thing and the sandcastle birthday cake and the shell bracelet and the seabean necklace and the bundle of sage and the leather pocket and the lace mantilla and the original poem and the recited ones too and the glowing pickle and the music music music and all the friends who helped make it my best birthday party ever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Of garden tours and doggy walks

Time doesn't stop just because Sandcastle Days is here so I am jumping off the sandpile for a moment to talk about some upcoming events that are going to be too much fun right here on beautiful South Padre Island.

Oct. 28 - Plant swap and secret garden tour brought to you by - find out what random acts of green are all about and how you can help SPI become a more beautiful place to live and play. Details here.

Nov. 10 - Laguna Madre Humane Society 2007 Wag Walk - Peach and I will be hitting up friends and family for pledges to see if we can raise a whole bunch of money for the animal shelter. We hope you will be prepared to give and give generously... I will have the pledge form on the beach with me this weekend so if I fail to wave it in your face please be sure and ask me for it ;-)

Also -- Don't forget the music festival Nov. 2-4 and MY 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY featuring a live performance by the BONGODOGS Oct. 21 starting at 7 PM at the Sandbox Inn.

See ya at the Sheraton!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sand People Arriving

As I write this the distant roar of the hogs is getting ever more distant. I know they bring lot of money into the island economy but I have to tell you it is a huge relief to both me and Peach when all those loud machines start heading back over the Causeway.

The sand people have already started to arrive and I am very happy to see them. Work on the demo sculpture commences on Tuesday, with the contest proper starting on Thursday. The only judging this year will be done by the spectators, so I hope all of my friends will come out tot he Sheraton on Saturday, carefully and thoughtfully peruse all of the great sculpture that will be out there, and then VOTE FOR MINE! (Just kidding... sorta.)

By Sunday it will all be over for another year, except for the traditional wrap party at sandy feet’s beach retreat - aka The Sandbox Inn. This year there is a whole bunch to celebrate so everyone - and by that I mean everyone who finds him/herself on the Island Sunday night - is invited. It will be a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the visiting sculptors and check out the Sandbox’s newly landscaped back yard - 117 E. Saturn.

Furthermore, Sunday night will kick off a weeks-long celebration of my 50th year on this planet. (Actual date isn’t until Nov. 8 -- but with a bunch of friends in town, I reckon it’s okay to start a bit early.) Presents are neither expected or desired; however, I am requesting guests come prepared to briefly entertain me in some small fashion. Sing a song, read a poem, juggle sandballs, electrocute a pickle, etc. etc. In other words, do whatever you think might entertain yourselves and the other guests as well as me. Silly is good.

Things will get going early with a special command performance by South Padre’s own Bongodogs starting sometime around 7 - so don’t arrive so fashionably late you risk missing them! We plan to have plenty of dips, dunkers and adult beverages on hand, but feel free to bring something to add to the mix if you are so inclined.

Hope to see you!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Greetings from San Diego and Sand Blasters III

It is the end of the first day of competition and Kirk's record is 3 for 3 -- Team Trowel and Error is having a blast! See my updated photo set here.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hey Dallas, what's with all the crickets?

This morning I am packing up big yellow and getting ready to head to the airport for my flight to San Diego for Sand Blasters III. Pat and I finished up the state fair sculpture yesterday and everyone seems happy with it.

After dinner, I evicted crickets number 15 and 16 from my tiny room at the Homestead Inn. I don't know where the critters keep coming from - maybe they have a breeding community behind the bathroom wall? but they keep popping up. Found one in the cup of juice I sip from all night (really glad I happened to look before sipping that time.)

After seven days in the cold, dark coloseum, I am really looking forward to sunny San Diego.