Sunday, September 09, 2012

ArtPrize Pound-Up Party!

So. The last few days have been exciting! Delayed flights; plans changed in mid-stream; a fully-loaded truck bed tailgate-fail resulting in 3 weeks worth of my favorite workclothes likely scattered over hwy 77 and possibly gone forever (find them and return them to me and you WILL be rewarded); monster storm in IL that scared the bejeebers out of us but here we are at the family cabin on beautiful Glen Lake in northern Michigan (hi, sleeping bear!) for a few days of R&R before our ArtPrize adventure truly begins. What a life!

For my Michigan friends - It is looking like our pound up party will happen this coming Saturday on site at the Louis Campau Promenade. If you were ever interested in discovering what is involved in making about 7 tons of sand stand long enough to be carved into something amazing, this is your opportunity! Basically, it involves moving a pile of sand from wherever they let us dump it (hopefully very close by) into some plastic forms. The sand will be mixed in with some water (I have been told that we will need to get that water out of the river, but I am hoping to suss out a better source when I go by to check things out on Friday) and tamped down into the forms. If a lot of people show up to help, this will go very quickly. If I have to do it all myself, it will still go pretty quickly (this is really not a lot of sand) -- as long as a friendly face or two shows up with a six-pack and an encouraging word.... say, sometime after noon or so?


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