Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updates from ArtPrize: 9/19/12

Update 9/19: There was some damage from the sprinkler system, but that problem has been resolved. The recent rain had no effect whatsoever -- this sand is super good stuff! (Thanks again to Greg Jakubowski and Coit Ave. Gravel.) My biggest concern is vandalism - there is simply no way to guard the sculpture 24/7, and the promenade appears to be a magnet for folks who -- have no where else to be. They hang out and imbibe a bit, and I have tried to make friends.  So far that seems to be working. One guy in raggedy clothes and with no teeth in his head surprised Em and I by insisting we accept his $5 donation.

Video: A short timelapse of the "pound-Up Party" - thanks to all who showed up and participated! 

I know there has been some concern expressed about my "finishing" in time (today is the official opening of ArtPrize.) And it is true that I have a lot of uncarved sand laying around -- but that is by design. I am listed in the "performance art" category and will continue working (weather permitting) every day through 9/30. This project will never be "finished" - just abandoned when it is time for me to head back to Texas. In addition to carving on the main sculpture, Emerson is offering hands-on sandcastle lessons for anyone who is interested, and he has fielded several requests already.

I am excited about opening day and would be remiss if I didn't mention that as of today you can vote, and my code is 52584 :)

Most interesting request so far (from a guy with piercings in interesting places): "May I lick your castle?"

'Twas polite of him to ask.


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