Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Nice Image for our Town"

This was lying in wait in my mailbox this morning:

...pulled this off the Forum this morning. Do you think we could show a better side? This is what needs to be addressed by our board of aldermen, city powers and citizens. For all the good we possess, many lose site of the big picture and present this to the world. I am appalled, ashamed and (disgusted) but glad I have not participated in such childish behavior.

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Not very friendly

My husband and I are currently in escrow to purchase a new town home at SPI for a weekend get away . However, after lurking on this site, I now have my doubts. So far I have read where store clerks at stores are rude to locals, restaurants can't stay open, real estate is not selling and there is no longer a Jim's pier to put in a boat. Not to mention how rude some of you "Islander(s)" are to each other and potential political candidates. Also, how often "winter visitors" are put down. So what is up with town? Is this board truly representative of South Padre?

Let's build a community not constantly destroy one.
Shane Wilson


Blogger Joni said...

Let's build a community not constantly destroy one.
Shane Wilson

Amen. These guys could use some lessons in the art of dialogue. If folks had to stand behind their comments with a name they might keep the vitriol down - but then again maybe not.

I guess I feel sorry for folks who always seem so angry.

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