Saturday, February 02, 2008

let's tax plastic bag users

This is working great for Ireland.
It would reduce or remove a huge source of litter.
It would be good for the sea turtles.
It would be fantastic publicity for our town -- especially if we could succeed where Los Angeles and San Francisco have failed.

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Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for posting this over here, Sandy Feet, since I get the smack-down whatever I say "over there."

I've done some research on the issue, with the main one being that people hate to pay for plastic bags (except if you need doggie-doo bags). So, just charge a tax and the plastic bags will start disappearing.

Recycling sounds good but won't work as well, and grocers hate the idea of paying money for recycled plastic bags, or any kind of book-keeping. Heck with that; let the grocers charge money for a plastic bag and make a paper bag free.

Plastic bags are common because they cot a penny or less per bag. Paper bags cost 5-10 cents depending on size and weight strength. So charge a quarter for each plastic bag and the grocer gets to keep the change to pay for paper bags, whatever.

Sounds radical but it works. However, here on SPI it won't do a real lot unless the large stores in PI do the same thing (Wal-Mart and HEB). Other than some plastic bags from the Blue Marlin and our convenience stores, I think a bunch of our problem is imported.

And let's not forget the a main reason to do this is not only to beautify the island, but to save the turtles as well. -sam

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