Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Amazing Live Music this Weekend

You don't have to scratch the surface of the local population very deep to find someone who loved and misses the recently departed Steve Gomez greatly. Sherrie Gomez is having to deal with a lot of stuff these days, and huge medical bills is one thing that everyone - regardless of whether you knew the man - can help out with this Saturday at Louie's. The all-star line up of musicians (we've missed you, Albie!) coming together to play promises to be one of those "Miss This One and You Will Live to Regret It" concerts.

The live auction is another reflection of how much Steve will be missed. Stormy passed on this description of a couple photos that will be auctioned off by Shane from 7-8:30 that evening:

The Cabo de Gata image is an "Artist's Proof" out of an edition of 12
images only. There are only 7 images left from this edition of this image.
This image sells in my galleries for $2,000

The nude "Paula at Las Pozas" was taken in Edward James' jungle paradise in
Mexico, the place where we first met Steve and Sherri and a place he loved
to visit. Paula, who is a dear friend of mine, is a twin from Argentina.
You can see more of her, and her sister, on my website
This image sells in my galleries for $2,500



Blogger Darla said...

Sandy, I believe the event is on Saturday instead of Friday???

3:59 PM  
Blogger Lucinda said...

Right you are, Darla.
Thanks for catching that - I have updated accordingly. -sf

4:18 PM  

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