Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

The Last Days of Summer

I know, summer hasn't even officially begun yet, but I am already almost completely booked through Labor Day.

I say "almost" -- because I do have a (very) few dates still vacant. Over the past several days there has been a small flurry of email flooding in from interested parties. I have decided the fairest way to handle this happy state of affairs is to post specific dates and rates here and see who can come up with a deposit first.

Prices listed are the whole enchilada - the taxes and cleaning fees are already figured in, but tack on another $50 if you are bringing Fido(s). The first party to post a 50% deposit on my secure server gets the Sandbox. (You can choose paypal from there as well; and I do card authorizations manually so if you post too late your card will not be charged and the info will be purged.)

I will remove dates promptly as they are booked so you may assume this list is reasonably up to date.

See the list of available dates




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