Thursday, May 29, 2008

Europe trip numero uno

Exactly one week from today I leave on my first big trip of the season - I will be representing Texas, the US and the continent in the invitational sand sculpture event in Valladolid, Spain starting June 9. From there I will head directly to the contest in Hampton Beach, NH so you won't be seeing my smiling face on the isla for a while...

But let's stay in touch! I finally joined skype (an internet phone service - and calls between fellow users are free so if you need to talk to me while I am gone, that will be the best way. (My user name is "dafeets".)

While I am at it, I would like to mention another great internet-related service that I am using on this trip: is a great way to meet the locals before you travel -- and maybe find a free couch to sleep on away from home. I joined up a few months ago and as the only couch on SPI (last I checked) have already hosted a few interesting folks here at the SandBox. Now it is my turn to be hosted. For my three day Spanish adventure (starting June 9 I will be the guest of the contest organizers in Valladolid) I will be staying one night in Madrid, then catching a bus to Segovia where I will spend two nights in the shadow of a Roman Aqueduct. How cool is that?!?

Next month: Italy!


Blogger sandwoman said...

Have fun! Do any of these projects have web pages so we can follow along? 'Peace be the journey'

7:50 AM  

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