Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holiday Season

Well, I made it through my 50th Birthday celebration and lived to tell the tale. Everyone in attendance agreed it was the best Sandbox party ever -- the Bongodogs had folks dancing in the sand! We will definitely be doing more music things back there - starting as early as next weekend when Raina Rose returns to the ‘Box as part of the SPI International Music Festival.

After that we are going to try a “Trunk Sale” artshow featuring South Padre Island artists. There will be music, wine and cheese and lots of unique goodies for your Christmas shopping pleasure -- in the backyard if weather permits and upstairs if it doesn’t. It all happens Nov. 15 starting around 3 PM -- I will be posting more details soon.

I recently got some new insulated curtains hung in the inn by mentioning the fact that I would be willing to do a partial trade to anyone who could help me out with that little project. It was so successful that I am going to try again. This time a solar-powered water heater tops my wishlist - found a good article on how to build one on the cheap here. Does this look like a project you would be willing to help me tackle? If so, I am ready and willing to work a deal -- let’s talk!


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