Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catching Up

The faster I go, the behinder I get. I know someone else said that (or something very much like it) already but they were surely describing my life. The past two weeks spent in the great northwest (northern California and British Columbia) were utterly glorious: I built lots of great sand sculpture, ate good food, drank too much wine and played music -- all with some of my favorite people. Way too much fun. But someone else said: "first you play; then you pay" and man o man am I paying now.

So if I have answered your e-mail, updated your website, filled your sandcastle tool order or returned your phonecall you can consider yourself extremely lucky -- 'cause lots of other folks aren't seeing any of that and in fact won't see any of that until next week as Amazin' and I are off on another sand sculpting adventure in Kemah starting tomorrow. After that I have two whole weeks at home before heading back north (east, this time) and we'll see how much further behind I can manage to get before I climb on that plane.

In the meantime, here are a couple of doo-dahs I have been asked to share--

May20 - It's Tiki Time! Join the flotilla of kayaks and other non-motorized vessels 6 PM at Ted's Ramp for the annual lighting of the Tiki Torches. The Tiki Ceremony and the calling of the Turtles will follow at Palm St. Pier - 8 PM -- LET SUMMER BEGIN! (wish I could be here for this as it sure looks like fun!)

"Cameron County Appraisal District was late sending out the 2006 valuations. Normally May 31, 2006 would be the last day a Taxpayer could file a tax protest. This year, since the District was late, a taxpayer will have until June 9, 2006 to file their protest. I thought you might want to let your readers know."

Well, I found that envelop from the appraisal district in the pile of mail that I am still wading my way through and yikesamundo! my little condo is worth, hmmmm.... approximately 10% more than it was last year.

Then, City Planner Cate Ball passed along this link which she thought might be of interest to my readers: TPWD: News Release: May 15, 2006: Public Invited To Participate in Reefing Program

It will be interesting to find out exactly what objects folks will want to donate to build these artificial reefs -- and what kinds of objects will be allowed. I like the idea of being buried in a reef but can think of few other items that would be appropriate -- other than perhaps Dadfeets' Rolls Royce should he fail to find a mechanic who can breathe life back into it.... (I'm joking, Dad!)


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