Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vote Fred

Another thing that struck me when I got back into town was the crop of ugly campaign signs that have sprouted up like mushrooms during my absence. It appears that everyone forgot how Fred managed to win the election two years ago without posting a single sign.

In addition to not trashing our lovely island with "vote for me" signs, let me be the one to point out what else Fred is _not doing: running ads; making promises that he will not be able to keep; or accepting donations from special interest groups. In short, the man is not campaigning. Instead, he is relying on his record as an incumbent and hoping that the small percentage of residents who actually bother to go to the BOA meetings, keep themselves informed of the issues and vote in local elections will not need his name constantly in front of their faces to remind them to vote for him.

It is no secret that Fred and I have a history; that we were a couple and a team and that when that relationship went south several months back it was not my choice. Nevertheless, I can still say that Fred has been and still is a dedicated and effective public servant whom I hold in the highest regard. He is totally committed to doing what is best for the town and in seeking out the common ground where the interests of the merchants, the bar/party people, the retirees, the beach loungers/strollers, the water/wind people, the bird/butterfly/sealife people, the families, the runners/joggers/bike-riders, the developers/real estate people, the recyling unlitterers, the anglers, the sand sculptors and the island's fragile ecosystem itself can all converge. (Yes, there is such a place!) He is smart and he reads everything and he frequently goes above and beyond.

I KNOW FRED - the good and the bad - and he has my vote.

Fred has made no secret of either his e-mail address ( or his phone number (956-459-2474 but don't call until after 4/27 because he is surfing in Mexico this week) for anyone who has issues to discuss. However, should you wish to talk with him face to face, I am hosting a meet-the-candidate open-house on Thursday, April 27 5:30-7:30 at 117 E. Saturn ("Sandbox Condominiums" where we both happen to reside.) All interested residents are invited to stop by for refreshments and spirited conversation.

Please help spread the word - thanks!


Blogger Sam said...

I put one of those VOTE FRED stickers on my truck and you wouldn't beleive the people asking me if I was Fred! Obviously not Islanders. But it was heartening to know that if they could, they would VOTE FRED.

7:59 PM  

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