Friday, April 21, 2006

scenic coastal survey

City Planner Cate Ball passed this on to me:

"Cate- we would like to invite you and your fellow town folks to complete a new survey on protection measures for Texas Coastal Scenic Resources. The survey is entirely Internet based and can be completed in a few minutes. Is it possible to circulate the survey to as many people in South Padre as possible? Many thanks- Dr. Lou Mills, Texas Tech University, Dept. of Landscape Architecture.

Dr. Mills is a researching landscape architect at Texas Tech in Lubbock. He has done a number of studies on coastal landscaping, and beach /dune scenic protection…gets his money from the same CMP funds that the Town applies for, such as the Treasure Island beach park.

I found the survey interesting but a bit... manipulative. Of course the pictures without the power lines are more attractive than those with -- but is it feasible to get rid of them? And they made the water tower magically disappear in one sketch -- are they implying we can still have the water without the water tower? (If so, cool!) And it seems like all the sketches are not created to an equal level of completion -- the cleaner sketches that include a palm tree or two are of course going to be more appealing -- and some are very difficult to decipher (are those blobs sand dunes or bushes?)

but what the heck? it will only take a few minutes of your time.



Blogger Sam said...

Well I'm sure the survey was well intentioned, but is as you say, slightly, err manipulative and no mention of the costs. It's the damn "vision deja vu thing" all over again!

But you know, some of those drawings would be perfectly fine as long as somebody else pays for it and it isn't going to tax me to Heck. Otherwise,

NIMBY - not in my backyard
BANANAS - build absolutely nothing
FAP - but OK, a little, for a price.

Say it three times fast!

Catchy, eh?

3:49 PM  
Blogger ~Melissa said...

I agree, the pictures were very manipulative. I like the natural feel of the Island as is. If everything was polished and pretty it would not be the same place that it is. I don't need or want everything to be picture perfect. I think the island is picture perfect right now. It is part of the charm. There are not a lot of big chains on the island. Oh, yeah, there are a few. But the island is mostly small business people. People doing what they can to live on the island.

I know that there are some big developers who want to move onto the island, if they haven't already. Is this their doing? Are they trying to polish this island up so they can make more money?

I could go on and on....but I won't.

BTW, Sam, you always crack me up.


1:28 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

I found the pictures very confusing. I couldn't tell what were natural sand dunes (which of course is what I would vote for). I didn't think it was very worthwhile.

12:33 PM  

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