Friday, February 17, 2006

The Hawaii Connection

My island hop (from Padre to Oahu to Hawaii ["Big Island"] to Maui to Oahu to Padre) has been completed -- but I'm not finished with that state just yet. I am working on my trip report and organizing my photos, of course and getting ready for Saturday's Hawaiian-themed Isle-Ditter-Dog fundraiser for the Humane Society at Louie's (where I may or may not be serenading puppies at the K-9 Cafe with my new ukulele, depending on how much practice time I can get in between now and then.)

Finally, here is the latest update from Balde "Toby Beau" Silva who I missed getting to see in Kona by just a couple of days.... drat! At any rate, the attached photo is one I shot of my own whale encounter near Kaleakukua Bay. This was my first close-up whale siting and it was way cool....

Aloha Buccaneers!

These last few weeks have seen some amazing developments in my travels abroad. Man! I’m starting to believe my own crap! There’s whales everywhere, huge humpbacks spraying and breaching out of the water. Just beautiful!!!
It’s there summer migration from Alaska similar to the old Wisconsin people fleeing to their refuge at “Outdoor Resorts.”
Rennetta and I had to leave Hawaii last week to attend an entertainment showcase in Miami on February 12th, put on by my booking agent. When I mentioned to all my friends that we would spend a week in Miami, there were so excited about us going to Miami Beach and doing the night life on South Beach… We went to Disney World! Jeez, get me a walker and a diaper-I’m getting old.
The showcase went great. Rennetta and I did our show at the North Miami Municipal Theater along with many other great acts. We met Robert Shields of “Shields and Yarnell” fame. I want to thank my big brother, Tom Drake, “The Best Damn Comic, Period!” for putting up with me for the last 3 years. Tom is responsible for writing and producing my show for theater. I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you Tom, except to say that the Bob Seger joke doesn’t work… FIX IT! I love you, Tom.
Flying back to Hawaii we were on the same plane from Washington DC to LA with Newt Gingridge, and they upgrade us to 1st. What a treat that was!! The upgrade part.
All and all it has been a good month, but I miss my family and my friends at the beach. So Joe and Dan, hope Spring Break goes over big at Louie’s Backyard, Sammy and Christy hope you make a lot of money at Palmetto, Jake, I hope Sammy and Christy spend a lot of money at Jake’s, Sandy Feet and Vern, keep stoking those web page fires in SPI and Austin, Margie and Mo say hello to all the barflies for us
Sue and Rob, “YO HO, YO HO a pirates life for me.”

Happy Valentines Day!
Balde Silva/Toby Beau


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