Wednesday, February 08, 2006

hawaiiblog 1

For the first time in a very long time I feel like I am truly on vacation -- too busy having fun to check e-mail, write bloggy stuff, etc. etc. I feel so very lucky to be here with a group of people who know the island, who like to have fun and who know lots and lots of ways to have fun right here. We have snorkeled, we have cruised, we have lounged, we have mingled with sea turtles, and we have partied in multiple dramatically beautiful locations. We have played music on the lanaii and today I am going to buy a ukulele of my own so I can be more that just an observer. We haven't sandcastled yet but that is on the agenda as well -- we still have a full week of fun ahead of us!

I wish we had easier internet access but perhaps it is just as well that we don't as I am spending more time living my life and less time writing about it. At any rate, I can still send pictures to flickr from my cell phone so mom - and anyone else who is interested - can see how much fun I am having. (As well as the drama - if you were watching yesterday you saw Kirk's headwound ordeal - no more snorkeling for him!)


Blogger South Padre Concierge said...

Damn you sandy foots.
World travler and sandcastle designer Extraordinaire .
We are sooo very envious!
only place we ever go is to super walmart..
Good luck and have fun.
Hollar when your back on THIS Island!

7:36 PM  

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