Tuesday, June 01, 2010


So maybe you have seen me out and about lately. And perhaps you are wondering about that handsome young man who has been accompanying me around the island...?

I hope my fellow SPIslanders will join me in welcoming Emerson Wierenga Schreiner - middle child of my sister Debra - to SPI. Em, who just finished up his sophomore year studying art and design at the University of Michigan, has taken up residence in the annex Dad Feet built on the back of my house for the summer and isteaching sandcastle lessons with the Sons of the Beach this summer.

A talented artist who has already received an impressive amount of recognition (in the form of yes, sales) for his paintings, admits to being intrigued by the possibilities of sand sculpture and is looking forward to sharing his love of art with island visitors. He is also a talented musician - some of you might remember his rocking out with the Saturn St. Strummers on his violin at the Pirate Days celebration at Louieā€™s a couple years back. These days he enjoys strumming his guitar with the Strummers.

Em is conducting beginner sandcastle workshops for the Sons of the Beach at Beach Access #16 (turn at Blackbeards) every Mon., Wed. and Fri. starting at 3 PM. The fee is just $5 per child and $20 per adult and he would love for you to come play in the sand with him.

Please take a look at his newly updated website. Houstonites can see his work up close and person at the The International Decor Gallery.



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