Saturday, May 22, 2010

bulletin boards on SPI

Miss Lori and her canine companion Malia stopped by for coffee and conversation during the morning beachwalk today. We talked of many things, including the town’s lack of a bulletin board.
Sure there is but not everyone is online and here on SPI there is no good place to hang a poster or let your kid advertise his lawn-cutting business (I would hire him!) or post info about the bike you want to sell cheap or an upcoming house concert, etc.

I think bulletin boards foster community. They let you know the services your neighbors are offering or are in need of. They let you know if something fun is going to happen at a local venue or if a neighborhood pet has gone missing....

I think the new WAVE stops would be great spots for bulletin boards. I also know that a vocal minority would squawk about messy boards and how the tourists would find them ugly etc. etc. but I think both tourists and residents would find them useful, and they would help us get to know our neighbors a little bit better.

And that would be a good thing.


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