Friday, May 21, 2010

"I'm very optimistic that the Gulf will fully recover"

So says BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles - the executive in charge of fighting the spill.

Tell that to the turtle that ate oil for breakfast this morning.
Tell that to the nesting birds that have to find food for their babies in the middle of a marsh fouled by oil.
Tell that to the out of work fishermen and the rental home owners who are having to pay back deposits to the guests who are cancelling their vacations...

I am spitting mad about this. The Gulf of Mexico is the beautiful mother that makes it possible for me and millions of others like me to make a living. And our mother is being desecrated daily -- with no end in sight.

Suppose a big oil tanker were to dump a load in Mr. Suttles' dining room. Wonder if he would feel "optimistic" about his happy home "fully recovering" over time?



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