Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good omens

This morning it is warm but not hot or muggy and almost dead calm. Quiet. The quiet that can only mean a storm (of tourists) is approaching. (Savor the moment savor the moment.)

Dogs lead me down a street in the plant district that we don’t usually walk. Guy sitting on his deck strumming and singing a greeting to the morning/me/dogs makes me slow down, linger and smile out loud. Tulip petals the only litter here. Seriously! My day started with a troubadour and tulip petals! 

On the beach there is not a soul in sight. The leashes com off and the dogs are are off and running. “Meetya at the bridge!” I shout, unecessarily.  They are tearing down the shoreline, splashing, terrorizing birds and playing chase me/chase you. They wait for me at the beach access bridge. Lots of pink tongue, happy to re-leash and I remember that I have been wanting to count exactly how many steps from the SandBox Inn to the beach.

I can already tell that today I am going to see cantaloupe blooms in the garden. The inn will be cleaned and ready for the next guests in record time. Web work will be accomplished and invoices sent. The dogs will nap instead of bark. The oil geyser will stop spewing and there will be time for a leisurely bike ride up the island before the SandCastle Days meeting - which will go swimmingly. My beloved nephew Emerson - currently on the road somewhere near Waco - will pull in ready and eager to begin his fabulous South Padre Island summer teaching sandcastle lessons.

And all will be well.


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