Thursday, February 25, 2010

SPI Song Circle Party this Wed.

Music in the SandBox Song Circle Series

While I am taking a bit of a break from house concerts (next up: Jennings and Keller in May!) I have decided to try something a little different next week, in honor of the spring break visit of my all-grown-up-and-musical nephews.
The first ever SandBox Song Circle is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 3 in the back yard- potluck at 5:30, music starts at 7(ish). Everyone is invited! Come prepared to play, sing or listen.

Sort of Like Karaoke, only better!

As the name suggests, song circle participants arrange their chairs in a circle and see how much fun we can have strumming, drumming and singing together. Everyone gets a turn to sing, lead, or request a song. Everyone participates and yes, listening is a form of participation. Here are some guidelines I picked up, courtesy of

Song Circle Etiquette

Come prepared to listen or to sing.
When your turn around the circle comes, you may present a song, lead a song, request someone else do a song or pass.
Songs with choruses are encouraged for singalongs.
If the presenter requests that instruments accompany his or her song, join in. Be mindful of drowning out voices with loud instruments.
The "blue book" (Rise Up Singing) is often used for singalongs. If you use it, let others know what page your selection is on.
Have fun!

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Sounds like so much fun! Wish I was there!

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