Friday, April 04, 2008

bamboo bicycle

man o man do i want one of these!



Blogger Sam said...

Hey that would be cool but for riding I prefer a big metal frame because they bend and twist and I have no idea if bamboo would simply go kaboom.

Maybe I was spoiled on a street racing bike, an aluminum-moly Motobecane ten speed. Lori bought me an old off-road bike and I can't ride it good because it is too stiff, too heavy, too small, and clunky as the devil. It works but has no pizazz.

On the good side, a bamboo bike would definitely have pizazz, although I'd want to baby it instead of being the crasher I used to be in my salad days. Bamboo is extremely light and you might be able to get some lift for wheelies, front wheel stands, and ... well us Austin crashers often rode nekkid and eluded the cops as well which takes some serious stamina. Yeah, ultra-light bikes are the way to go.

I feel inspired now. Thanks Sandy Feet and if you see somebody fly by at 20 miles an hour on a bicycle with nothing but a Superman Cape, well ... you started it. -sammie

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