Friday, March 28, 2008

Help Clean Up Boca Chica Beach TODAY!

I just got a call from Scarlet Colley. It seems that some folks went to a lot of trouble to pick up and bag spring break/holiday trash on Boca Chica Beach, but were not quite able to finish the job. The mound of trash-filled plastic bags left behind is of obvious interest to coyotes and other critters. According to Scarlet, right now it will still a relatively easy matter to pick up and properly dispose of the bags. In another few days, it probably won't be.

Breakaway Cruises has generously offered the use of the Xcape Aquadog so volunteers can finish the job. Anyone interested in helping out should show up at the Xcape dock (at the Sea Ranch) prior to 4 PM Today (Friday) and be prepared to sling some trash bags.

p.s. If you still haven't seen me kick sandsculptor ass on the Travel Channel, (or you can't get enough of watching it!) the show will be airing again on Sat. March 29 at 11 AM


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