Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Candidate Posts - Pt VI

Re: Am I That Candidate?

Well, no.

Honestly, I don’t feel I have the knowledge or experience to do the job justice. I think I could learn what I need to if I really threw myself into it, but being a single, self-employed person who has to travel a fair amount to earn a decent living, I simply can’t afford to commit to three years for the going rate of $3.

Furthermore, Wednesday is ukulele night here at the Sandbox Inn.

I appreciate the calls of support I received - had there been a few more of them I might have been persuaded to see it through - but today is the last day to pull out gracefully and I have no wish to be the spoiler in a 3-way race. Therefore, I have withdrawn my name from the ballot.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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Blogger mustlovespi said...

Dear Sandy:

The fact that you even considered giving your time and energy speaks volumes to the passion and love you have for this island. You have my respect and gratitude for all you do and continue to do .... Ann

6:45 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

I didn't see anything on the SPI Forum, got smacked down again by God, and then checked here. I heard you might want to withdraw, Sandy Feet, but at least you know why I told you to try to stay in the game.

But you know deep down inside why you got the call from ... our man on the inside ... to consider throwing your name in the ring. That's a very, very high honor. /sam

7:06 PM  
Blogger nancy said...

You mean I don't get to make little Vote Feet cookies!!! O the disappointment for this champagne manager!

9:22 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Actually, I think Miss Feets is in dire need of champs and voting cookies, deserving some major recognition and a party in the traditional South Padre style. We'll have to see if we can crash her Wednesday Night Uke for a little nosh-up, shall we? Something else? I was hoping for a demo with some Hula action and a semi-dirty pirate song! -sam

12:26 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What do you mean you went through 6 "The Candidate" posts to drop out !??? I guess you did the right thing then. It comes off looking like something done in the first place on a drunken whim. Very disappointing.
I have disagreed with at least 60% of your posts to date, yet I found myself thinking VERY seriously about throwing support and maybe even campaign dollars your way. I guess I feel I was right all along. More of a drink with the girls, rant online over the course of a week, then giggle and get out when things get real.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Perhaps my last post was a tad harsh. Before SAM comes charging after me on his white steed to throw down a gauntlet. Still, in your own words this started with drinks at the local bar. Now after reflection it ends. I guess partly I am upset because for the first time, I believed in Sandy Feet. For the first time I thought maybe we had a real candidate who could think new thoughts and yet listen too. Don't talk of Wed night Uke parties OR your need to work. Both were true 5 candidate posts ago.

One last thought, if you can't afford to do this for $3. and I know I couldnt, how do the others do it? Makes me wonder if at least some, not all but some, do it for?? Other ways of making some $$ ??

6:01 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

The reason Sandy put her "pith helmet" into the ring in the first place was because her friends urged her to (and maybe there were a few drinks involved to help persuade her) because we didn't want to see a candidate running unopposed -- what fun is that or more importantly what folly! After Sandy entered the race, Rick Ridolfi filed. And you know the saying "Three's a crowd" so she bowed out. I am truly disappointed because I too believe she would make a great alderman and we would have had some great champagne parties to get her into office but maybe another time. Anyway go easy on her Ray. She put out some wonderful thoughtful candidate commentary and we thank her for that!

9:14 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Why Nancy you rider of white horses, you! Gosh what a ride though, since initially Place 4 was unopposed by one one candidate, Mary Phillips. By filing a whole bunch of stuff happened, if not causally then by coincidence. Quite strategic, really. -sam

9:47 AM  
Blogger Lucinda said...

Ray, your complaints are not baseless -- though I find it hard to fathom how you could disagree with 60% of what I said (60%? really?) and still consider supporting my candidacy...

Never mind. I will tell you that at some point during the past week I really seriously considered staying in the race. There are folks who don't much care for either Phillip or Rick and were convinced that I had a shot.

Basically, I have no desire to be the Ralph Nader of SPI. I spent a lot of time writing and editing those candidate installments, time that perhaps could have been spent in more pleasurable or lucrative pursuits. What I really hoped to accomplish with them was to in some small way change the debate, change "politics as usual" on SPI.

Perhaps I was successful, but probably not. Anyway, it was worth a week of my life to give it a try.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sandy, to clarify, when I said I disagreed with about 60% of what you say, I mean your average posts not your political posts. I find your avg non-campaign posts often have a left leaning slant. As I lean to the right I don't agree with you. Also at least some of your posts seem more emotional and not thought out. By contrast, other than your post talking about the alcohol that helped you decide to run....well your posts and or plat- form seemed very well thought out. Even where I might disagree or they seemed idealistic,at least they seemed like areas where you had thought out what you wanted to try to do. I might hesitate to follow a presidential candidate with limited experience and as many good intentions as hard core plans. However, I would love to see an Alderwoman who could learn on the job, think outside the box , listen honestly and then make intelligent decisions...even if they sometimes turned out later to be wrong. I thought that you might be such a person. Further , though I agree to a point that you don't need to be another Nadar, I don't know but that Rick is the Nadar in this equation or that you couldn't beat them both. I know that many people are sick of them both.
Having said that, well, I guess many ideas that start over a drink don't look as good in daylight.
Perhaps some day you will be ready. I know the island can't hardly keep going with the "gang of three". Of course, if certain Aldermen and developers have their way it won't be much of a town anyway.a1234567

10:28 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

That's cool. I won't let on about my advice to Sandy Feet but did say that it was her decision. She basically got Fred Mallet elected several years ago. She knows the drill, the calls at three o'clock in the morning, and how to read a notebook full of what looks like garbage. Ray, try it yourself; it's a pain in the watoosie.

As to the sentimental, emotional, lefty, artistic stuff let me tell you the most beloved mayor of Block Island RI writes the gushiest newspaper column you ever saw. Check out Martha Ball at Block Island Times.

I guess you have a right to be disappointed. But if somebody told me I had to grow up and get right and maybe I'd get elected ... I'd tell him or her to go pack sand. A few tons of it. Makes for a good sand castle. /sammie

12:29 AM  

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