Thursday, April 03, 2008

Storm the (Sand) Castle!

Are you frustrated? Got pent-up hostilities? Need to get in touch with your inner pirate? Well, me hearties, the morning of Sat., April 12 will be yer opportunity to do just that.

The Sons of the Beach - as part of the SPI 35th birthday celebration - will be leading a very special sandcastle experience for all who bring their scurvy dog pirate selves to Wanna Wanna that morning. Amazin’ Walter and sandy feet will be out there bright and early working on a sized-large pirate castle for all to admire and have their photos shot with.

Starting around 10 AM, they will start a series of workshops helping kids of all ages (Hey Craft Camp Girls -- I’m talkin’ to YOU!) build towers, walls and arches -- and then showing them how to detail out these structures with simple carving tools. The more participants we get, the more impressive the castle will be - before we totally destroy it!

You heard me right. Blame it on the pirate mentality, or blame it on the popularity of the Travel Channel’s “Sand Blasters” shows where beautiful sand sculptures are routinely blown to kingdom come. But once all of these beautiful structures are built and lovingly carved, the next lesson will be in how to create soft-ball sized cannon balls (aka “South Texas Snowballs”). When a sufficiently large pile of ammo has been created -- at approximately 11:45 -- the SoBs will lead the charge to “storm the castle.” Everyone who helped build will be invited to help destroy what they built, taking out towers by throwing sand cannon balls at them.

This event will be fun for spectators (bring your movie camera!) but even more fun for participants. It is free of course and the SoBs will provide all the tools and know-how. (Note: kids 6 and under must be accompanied/assisted by an adult or older sibling.) We are talking about good dirty piratey fun and we hope to see you all there!



Blogger mustlovespi said...

This is going to be so much fun. If I am not dead after Friday I will be there with bells on. Thanks so much for being apart of this event!!! - A

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