Friday, March 21, 2008

Andy Bowie Park in Danger

This from Surfrider Rob Nixon:

South Texas Surfriders!,

On Friday, March 14, Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter submitted a sealed proposal to the Cameron County Purchasing Department in response to RFP #080204 which requested proposals to develop a time share hotel resort on all or a portion of Tract 1, 20.91 acres, inside Andy Bowie County Park on South Padre Island. We are simply asking Cameron County to leave Andy Bowie a public park for use by the residents and visitors of Cameron County under the control of the County Parks System without the development of a private time share hotel resort.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter believes that allowing this development to go forward in Andy Bowie Park is a direct contradiction to Cameron County Park's mission statement, "To provide safe, quality outdoor recreation opportunities to the citizens and visitors of Cameron County at an affordable price and to develop and protect the County's coastal resources and natural habitats." The South Texas Chapter of Surfrider Foundation fails to see how the development of a hotel resort will protect the County's coastal resources and natural habitats. Furthermore, allowing this project in Andy Bowie Park, a public county park, will reopen the door to Isla Blanca Park by setting a precedent for allowing private hotel resorts in County public parks.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter is of the opinion that all of Cameron County's public parks are exactly that, public land that is to be used by all of the citizens of Cameron County. It is not the Cameron County Parks business to be leasing out this public land to private resort developers at a premium price when other privately owned land is available to be purchased for the purpose of private development. All one has to do is refer to the Cameron County Parks mission statement to define the boundaries and duties of the County parks system.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter urges all concerned citizens of Cameron County to call, write or email your County Commissioners, Judge and Parks Directors and express your opposition and concern in regard to the private development of Andy Bowie Park and all other Cameron County Parks. The following is a list of Cameron County Commissioners and Park Directors and their contact information:

Judge Carlos Cascos:

(866) 544-0830

Sofia Benevides (Commissioner Pct.1)

(956) 574-8167

John Wood (Commissioner Pct.2)

(956) 983-5091

David Garza (Commissioner Pct.3)

(956) 361-8209

Edna Tamayo (Commissioner Pct.4)

(956) 427-8069

Javier Mendez (Park Director)

(956) 761-3700

Joe E. Vega (Deputy Park Director)

(956) 761-3700


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted the local TV stations so the the residents of the Valley can be informed? If so, what was the outcome? I do not feel it is right for public land to be sold unless approved by the public. Why are there "for sale" signs on the dunes all the way to the end of the paved road? The public has the right to know about this. Not only will Cameron County lose a wonder of nature that brings tourist to the island, they will also create a tremendous tax liability when development is destroyed by the next hurricane(s), leaving taxpayers to fund the cleanup. This whole thing appears to be theft on a grand scale by our county officials and a complete disregard for the public in general, not to mention our wildlife. Don't future generations deserve to enjoy the beauty of the South Padre Island sand dunes without the eyesoars of development?

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