Sunday, October 08, 2006

So Just What Was All That Fuss About?

I just came back from doing a big family reunion photo-op sandcastle experience over at the Palms Resort. There was a baby - and lots of adults - building sandcastles. Right there. In front of the new beachfront cafe where you can get a mimosa or a bloody mary or some other adult beverage with your meal.

The place is not officially open yet (that happens tomorrow I believe) but there was already almost a full house (which still isn't much of a crowd as the place only has something like 5 tables). It is a classy, friendly spot to sit and enjoy the view and quite frankly seems like an unlikely spot for the wild, drunken orgies some have predicted it will spawn.

The enemies of this establishment have blown this thing way out of proportion. I suggest everyone who is terrified that the beach around the Palms is suddenly less "family-friendly" stop in and see for themselves just what kind of place it is.

And then - if you are honest - you will also wonder why thousands of dollars had to be wasted on litigation to fight this.


Blogger nancy said...

I stopped by for a tour and an unofficial cup of coffee and was charmed by the new beach cafe. It will be a great destination for any bicyling or walking excursion and is definitely a lady's lunch kind of place.

6:09 AM  
Blogger sillysand said...

As the webmaster for the palms i must admit some bias in this matter.
however we are planning a live web cam from this location so you can log on and watch these wild and crazy parties!!!!
We do have a sneak peeek video up now @

6:47 PM  

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