Thursday, September 14, 2006

sandblasters II in production

Blogging from the Houston airport, where I am finally on my way home from the world championships in B.C. (and a short sidetrip to see my sweetie in Santa Cruz). I am already making plans for my next trip later this month when I will be heading back to CA to compete in the next episode of Sandblasters - the sandsculpture contest where everything gets blown up.

Those TV people like to mix things up a bit and for this episode my old partner (Suzanne, a fellow "Woman in Black") and I will be trading partners with the orange team - "Grain Damaged" - winners of the "Best Recovery" award. She gets Carl Jara, and I get Kirk Rademaker ( In addition to being a really talented sandsculptor, Kirk also happens to be the aforementioned "sweetie" in my life and I am really looking forward to carving alongside him. We will have a new team name - "Trowel & Error" - and a new shirt color (charcoal gray) and we have been told that the show is scheduled to air March 4, 2007.

Fun fun fun!



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