Friday, September 22, 2006

Isla Blanca -- not saved yet?

This was forwarded to me today from Faith Ballesteros:

Well Friends, don't take those "Save Isla Blanca Park" bumper stickers off your cars just yet. It looks like we have been played the FOOL by our county commissioners and judge! They smiled at us and said, "We are listening to the people. We won't let Isla Blanca Park be developed." But they really tricked us BIG TIME.

We've recently seen the new contract. After pages and pages, the contract finally states on page 35 that the developers can, in fact, develop Isla Blanca Park after all!!! So, folks, we have been tricked, lied to, bamboozled, etc.

It's called "Right of Reversion" and it states that the county can go ahead and allow the developers to build casinos and hotels and other commercial establishments in Isla Blanca Park after all. There are other problems with the new contract as well. But in a nutshell, the county said they were going to take Isla Blanca Park out of the agreement, and they didn't.

We should be getting that contract on the website soon.

As you know, it's election time. Keep that in mind! And get ready for Round 2... It's time to complain like you've never complained before. Remember, we were totally LIED TO. Make phone calls, write letters and emails to the judge and commissioners. Send letters to the editor. GO TO COMMISSIONERS COURT even when we aren't on the agenda. If you've got legal or government expertise please let us know.

If you didn't get involved in ROUND 1, please give us a hand for Round 2. If we have any rallies or protests, PLEASE SHOW UP. We need numbers. We need to show this county that we are a big group of people who want our public park left PUBLIC. Tell your friends and neighbors, we've been tricked!!

The county is laughing at us right now. They really think they out-smarted us.

Peace and Love,


Blogger Sam said...

Section XXII.2. Right of Reversion.

The original Leased Premises demised in the Lease included all if Isla Blanca Park, and this Restated Lease is being executed by Tenant to accomodate the request by Landlord to forego the commercial development of Isla Blanca Park. In the event, however, that Landlord should within the term of the Restated Lease, agree to use or dedicate any part of the original Leased Premises demised in the Lease (which includes any portion of Isla Blanca Park), for gaming purposes (casino gaming or gaming related activities if authorized by Texas Legislature) or any commercial or retail activities with more than 2,500 square feet with the same Leasee and its affiliates, then that portion of the original Leased Premises (including any portion of Isla Blance Park) to be used for such activities will revert to Tenant and be incorporated into the terms of this Restated Lease ....

It sounds rather ominous to me! This is a re-typed transcript and the author or blog owner is not responsible for any inadvertent mistakes.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key to this is voting down gambling. This developer will probably not proceed unless he thinks he will get casinos.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the people who has been leading us astray on this is running for office (judge). A vote for the other candidate might tell him something!

5:27 PM  
Blogger MLeahy said...

Hey guys! I just got back from Dallas after a two week stay. Leaving San Antonio was easy, exiting Dallas, everyone was searched, not a big deal in the name of self preservation:) Anyway PLEASE, DO REMEBER the only candidate on the ballot for state governor who is adamant about approving gambling in Texas, Kinky...I agree that gambling is bad for the island as much as Kinky is bad for the state. PLEASE, remember this at election time or get what you voted for....


10:09 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Well, Kinky is a legend in his own right, although he doesn't stand a chance and his vote will split the dems and independents - not a good thing to some folks.

What galls a lot of people is the fact (facts here!) that the "Right of Reversion" section is just like stabbing us in the back. The commissioners court and County Judge lied to us. The bums who voted this up should all be thrown in the street, either by the November ballot box or by recall.

The other part involving the Legislature on aproving gambling is a wild card - anybody's guess because right now CERTAIN KINDS OF GAMING AND CASINO GAMING ARE UNCONSTITUIONAL.

I mean even 8-liners with a profit are being raided as we speak, since they're illegal as heck.

So here comes the Commissioners Court saying that if gaming is approved, after a vote and a referendum on the Texas Constitution, well, this here "Enhancement" group can have all of Isla Blanca it wants.

That is rather like saying "if the sky falls tomorrow, elevator rides will be subject to a new tax." It is called proscriptive rulemaking, something that isn't fact or a probably outcome yet but might happen so let's plan for it today!

Great, let's put in a multi-million dollar contract what is illegal and unconstitutional today. Don't let these creeps get away with this, folks.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on my reading of the quoted language, the County has left itself the option the develope IBP for casinos or large commercial activities, and if it does decide to do it, the tenant then has the right to do it. That option should not ever exist, especially in light of the promises that were made. Tom

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isla Blanca really does deserve to be a state park. It is just too special of a place for all Texans to entrust to a bunch of local politicians with dubious personal agendas. They haven't even demonstrated that they are capable of keeping the place clean. Even the 27 acres of sand dunes should have been protected. Does anyone know what would need to be done in order to have it converted to a state park? TOm

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now THAT's a good idea. I'm sure lobbying our State senators and representatives would be the first step.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Delton Lee mentioned that, although I simply don't think that will work, for several reasons. First, the TPWD (the state parks agency) has almost no money because of all the political shinanigans. Second, Perry is trying to SELL a bunch of state parkland, and one spot north of Dallas was just converted to a nature conservancy instead of condos (we hope, but no more public access). Sorry but that's my humble opinion.

The fact of the matter is that Cameron County needs a master plan and not some political hacks like Hinojosa (County Judge) and Mendez (Parks Director), who both supported a real mean & corrupt sherriff who is now in prison (Cantu). The County needs to run the operation and be forced to do it right. Part of "getting it right" is to get the right people in the right places of power.

There. I said it. So be it.

8:34 PM  

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