Monday, April 10, 2006

Atlanta day 3


Had a very long day today.... it was frickin cold this morning I am guessing in the low 50's. My feet suffered the most - I neglected to bring any socks with me. And isn't Georgia considered to be the south" - maybe even "deep south"? Shouldn't it be warm here by now? It was a brilliant sunny day but under my tent it never warmed up enough for me to doff my sweatshirt. I was going to pick up a pair of socks on my way back through the mall heading back to my room, but I lost track of time, worked too long and the stores were all closed by the time I started to wend my way home. Guess I will have cold feet tomorrow as well.

I am pooped.

Good night for watching HBO so I am going to treat myself to another split of merlot and a bowl of french onion soup delivered to my door -- which will cost about the same as 24 hours of internet.

I think I can go that long without checking my e-mail. bon appetit.

Monday Morning

Yesterday I happened to notice that the Panera in the mall near my sculpture site advertises free wifi, so this morning I am making use of it while I enjoy a cup of coffee and a french toast bagel - which is totally yummy. Thank you, Panera. I am happy to let the rich folks over at the Marriott enjoy my share of that pricey bandwidth for the rest of my stay.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night - so I concentrated on 1. coming up with a plan for finishing this sculpture that will make sponsors Macys and Jekyll Island happy 2. brainstorming ideas for the sculpture Amazin' Walter and I will build at the Tournament of Champions in Harrison next month -- while 3. trying (not too hard) not to be distracted by thoughts of a certain sand sculptor I am really looking forward to visiting in California in early May....

Kirk's brother John - whom I have never met - and his lady friend Mariah just happen to be in Atlanta this week, and I have been told they will be dropping by my sandpile for a visit today. I am really looking forward to meeting them.


Blogger nancy said...

Don't you wish you had those fuschia socks I gave you! When will you be back in warm land?

2:12 PM  

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