Tuesday, April 11, 2006

homeward stretch

Tuesday Morning

It wasn't near as cold yesterday so I am glad I didn't waste money on socks after all ;-)
Lots of shoveling yesterday and my back is feeling it. All the forms are off and about half of them are cleaned up and stashed back in my room. Which means I only have to tote half of them back today as well.

The highlight of the day was getting to meet John and Mariah. Kirk had told me that he and his (half)brother didn't resemble each other much but I picked him off right away... Kirk has more of his mom in him than he thinks.We shot pictures and told Kirk stories over a cup of coffee before they started their drive to Savannah. Very kind of them to stop by.

Today is my last day on this job. My goal is to finish by 3, get all my stuff back to the room, get myself cleaned up and then come back to explore this hugely interesting mall as a shopper instead of a working woman. My flight out tomorrow is a very early one but I have already gotten my elite upgrade to first class - thank you Continental.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay Cin,
Thanks for sharing your project with us. I am impressed . I never am sure where you are at any given day so your blog is great. Have a good Easter! We will miss you.

Love ya, Mom Feets

9:41 AM  

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