Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Costa Rica Bound

Amazin' Walter and I are heading south for a week, leaving the kids in charge. (Christy the Clown will be doing SoB duty while my nephew Dylan and his gf Holly are taking care of things here at Fort Feet.)

If I can get online I will post some updates from there - we hear the sand is _really good there! but in the meantime we would like to bid a fond adieu to Charlie Fincher's "Illustrated Daily Scribble." It was a daily stop on my net wanderings and I will miss it. I know that some (most?) of my regular readers don't agree with my political leanings, but it seems to me that Charlie's final scribble really does hit the nail on the head....take a look.

I just may have to get a t-shirt made from this one.


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