Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghost of Tour de isla - UPDATE 10/31

Happy Halloween!
It's a beautiful day for bike-riding here on South Padre Island -- please join us!

Here's the rough plan: meet at Boomies by 3 pm for the costume contest; from there we will duck in at Jake's (even though they did not respond to my request for treats, a TDI without Jake's just wouldn't be a TDI at all); then up to kelly's; Paragraphs Bookstore (4:00ish); One Particular Harbor; Chill; the Massage and Healing Arts Center and then end at Padreritaville sometime between 5 and 6.

We will stop at each place long enough to to do the meet and greet and "where's my treat?" thing and then if we are having fun we will stay a little longer or push on the to the next stop.

I will tweet/Facebook updates at every stop in case tourers want to join us. I will be on a bike but you may use any form of transport that you so desire. 

See you at Boomie's!


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