Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghost of Tour de Isla - Details

OK, Fellow SPIslanders --

How long has it been since the last Tour? The low-rez photos I found without digging too deep are dated 1996, and I have a T-shirt design and brochure dated 2000 and claiming to be the 13th annual. 

So has it really been 10 years since the last Tour?

Aye carrumba. We are so overdue.

So here is the plan: We will meet ... somewhere (TBD) at 3 PM on Halloween. Wear a costume, please -- even if it is just a silly hat. Bicycles are the preferred means of transportation but you can walk, drive, take the Wave, whatever you like. And then we will follow a vaguely pre-defined schedule to every participating business gathering treats as we go. (That means you’d best make sure you have a backpack or a basket on that bike.) We will post photos and updated reports of our progress on facebook and twitter so participants can join (or abandon) the Tour at any step along the way.


Just confirm that you are participating by emailing spisandy@gmail.com and we will put you on the list below, which we use to generate our traveling party map. The only requirement is that you have a “treat” for the participants. Could be a piece of candy, a special price on a special drink or munch, a song or a dance, a set of cheap sunglasses, a coupon for next time -- whatever you feel comfortable offering. I will try to get riders to sign up in advance to give you some idea of how many "treats" you need to have on hand, but there is no way to give a totally accurate prediction, of course.

Would you very much like to be the first or last stop on the tour? I am taking applications ... ;)


Watch for a sign-up sheet on Facebook - I will be sending out invitations to all locals on my friends list but signed up or not, EVERYONE is invited.
Wear a costume: No trick? No treat!

List of Businesses who have signed up to participate (as of 10/10/10)

Paragraphs on Padre
One Particular Harbor

Need a special pumpkin to display at your business? We can carve your logo in one!  Or you can opt for a more traditional spooky face model. Proceeds go to support the unlitter campaign. See some samples of our work here.


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