Thursday, September 04, 2008

World Championship 2008 - Party Carve Party!

This year's event is well underway, here in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs, BC. The duo category is completed - I was again asked to judge and it was very hard to do -- it was a very strong field of something like 24 entries. I have posted pictures of what I felt were the best of the bunch on my flickr stream. The picture I am posting here is of Laurie Gaudi, official unlitterer of this event, hard at work.

Tomorrow the solo and team categories start -- I am raring to go!

I wrote a new verse to Amazin's "Hey Let's Party" song -- one of my favorites. I am trying to write a verse every place I travel. Here is Harrison's:

Well I partied in Harrison, on the banks of the Lagoon
Partied in the hot springs, neath the bright, Canadian moon
I've seen the northern lights, and the sky all ablaze
Partying with Sasquatch, and the ghost of Joe Maize...


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