Sunday, August 17, 2008

Teaming up with my favorite guy

Last week I went up north to work on a two-day sculpture project in Petoskey, MI in conjuncion with their Festival on the Bay. The twin mountains of sand they provided were huge and daunting, but Dad Feet and I - with some help from my nephew Emerson - managed to get it done on time and under budget.

Reminding me all over again how lucky I am in the parent department. Happy Birthday, Dad -- you're the best!

(Don "Dad Feets" Wierenga turns 78 years young on Aug. 25 -- send him a birthday greeting!)


Blogger Mrs. G. said...

What a sweet pop you have. Great photo!

11:48 PM  
Blogger Don "dadfeets" Wierenga said...

Any time I can be with with most of my family, especially in this setting, it becomes a treasure. Now tell me, how many 78 year old fathers get to spend two days building a sand castle with his daughter, and then enjoying a fire and live music, with his expanded family in the ambiance of a beautiful, deep forest cabin?

10:17 PM  

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