Monday, August 25, 2008

If I didn't have four trips booked in the next few months....

...I would figure out a way to respond to this call for help from the LMHS:

Laguna Madre Humane Society needs help
I am writing on behalf of the Laguna Madre Humane Society's animals. Due to Dolly the numbers at the shelter have soared and very few people are adopting right now.

Off-site adoptions are done throughout the valley but even that is not getting us the number of homes that we need right now. Our intake last month was three times that of our adoptions. We are pretty much out of room as of today. The board members and volunteers are working on getting the animals to foster homes, rescues, and out-state adoptions. If you could find it in your heart to foster a cat or dog for a couple of weeks we would appreciate it.

All the shelter animals have been vetted, are up to date on shots and neutered or spayed. Food and medical care will be provided for fostered animals.

If you are interested in helping an animal out please feel free to contact myself Jacky Conrad 772-1974 or Rory at the shelter at943-3888 or his cell phone which is 433-6366. Please note the shelter employees are busy with the animals and the phone may go to voice mail.

Please pass this message onto all your friends. Jerry if you have some extra time, I'd love for you to get the message out through your websites.

Thanks to all who help the shelter.
Jacky Conrad

LMHS Board Member


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