Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unflappable: hummingbirds and bikers

So I got a lazy Sunday morning at home when I thought I would be on the beach teaching a sandcastle lesson. The daybed provides a comfortable viewing spot for my yard, Padre Blvd and the bay beyond. The river running down my street was no cause for immediate concern and the purple shower petunias - which have gone berserk during this wet season we have been having - were attracting seemingly jillions of humming birds, darting sipping, parrying and feinting to protect their immediate territories. The steady rain appeared to bother them not one little bit.

Over on the boulevard, a pair of bikes zipped through the puddles at high speed - hurrying to get out of the downpour, I guessed. Incorrectly as it turned out. That pair was followed by about a jillion other bikes - obviously a race of some sort. “Looks like a fairly miserable way to be spending a rainy Sunday morning,” I observed to Peach from my comfy vantage point. Though I had to admit, the steady rains appeared to be bothering the bikers not one little bit.


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