Friday, June 13, 2008

Everyone's a Critic

Friday (the 13th. Hmmmmm...)

Lots of fun last night visiting the studio of local sculptor Eduardo Cuadrado (sp?) His sculpture is very dark and his work space utterly fascinating. I took many photos but used my iPhone camera which means I have to wait for free wifi to upload. He showed us some short art videos as well and asked for assistance in choosing which one to submit to a competition. Spirited discussion ensued.

After, he treated us to typical food of the region at a place called the Bodega. It is a cave-like room - feels likeyou have gone back in time just entering the place. The wine flowed freely and the food was really tasty. Went to bed late with a warm glow...

Which dispersed very quickly when I returned to my plot this morning. The vandals struck again, this time they released their venom on mine and the demonstration sculpture. The damage was extensive on both. I think they tried to push mine over as it is shot full of cracks -- I dare not try to repair for fear of taking the whole thing down.

I never thought I had much chance of winning, but I am very sad that I will not get a photo of the completed piece. I am especially mourning an area where I spent much of my time working yesterday (an artistically liberal version of "La Antiqua" church). I failed to shoot photos when we finished up the day's work as we had to dash off quickly, so I got no pictures at all of it when it was still intact.




Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for keeping us up with your travels. Sorry about your castle. Everything seems fine here. Have fun. More pictures!

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