Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The contest in Valladolid


We get a 2.5 hour midday break which is quite sweet and gives ma an opportunity to catch up on things.
Today is so much better than yesterday! The rain has moved on and the sun feels so good. I already have most of my forms off and my helper, Alberto, is slow but earnest and willing to learn. He shovels uncomplainingly but was dismayed when I put a carving tool in his hand -- the windows I ask him to carve are getting cleaner, and even if I have to re-carve them a little after he is finished, he is still saving me time. This afternoon he will shovel lots of sand, which means I won't have to. Hurray. We discovered that my iPod can connect to the sound system, which means that I got to carve to my favorite music for almost three hours. Heaven!

I had a TV interview this morning - since I was the first one carving I have had many people around my plot. I told Alberto that if I win I will share the prize with him. I have no fear I will need to make good on that promise.

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