Saturday, January 19, 2008

Movie features local muscians

Hey, we know we live in a great place crawling with uniquely talented actors and musicians - but it is great when others notice it as well. A movie (entitled "Broken Promises") is in the process of being filmed in various valley locations and will include the music of many local bands, including the Island's own "Toby Beau." Founder Balde Silva (who along with his wife and fellow band member Renetta grew up in Weslaco) and son Michael have cameo roles in the film. Last night the Rad hosted a press event that attracted a flashy, pretty crowd of people I mostly didn't know. Someone told me that the strikingly handsome goateed-guy getting his pictures taken with everyone was Anthony Quinn's son.

I was too shy to take a picture of anything but this cool guitar-shaped cake.


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