Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome Home Mom & Dad Feets!

Well, it was looking a bit iffy for a while there but the official word is that two of my favorite people in the whole world -- Don & Ginny Wierenga (aka Dad & Mom Feets) of Saugatuck, MI -- are making good their escape from winter and are on their way to SPI. This year they will be giving their old condo at the Royale a miss and are instead staying upstairs from me, right here at the Sandbox Inn.

They think they are going to relax on the deck, lounge in the hot tub, and listen to me and my friends play our ukuleles for their entertainment for the next several weeks. Hah!

I’m going to make Dad tell me all about his recent travels and volunteer work in Africa. I will be expecting Mom to offer decorating and garden tips in my ongoing efforts to make the Sandbox the coolest rental unit on the island and I am going to do my best to get her involved in craft camp/SPIgarden activities. And I know I can count on Dad to help me with a few little projects around the house and yard.... just before I give him a run for his money on the pool table.

I guess I might let them lounge on the deck a little, too.

Truth is, I am really looking forward to having them here, and for so many reasons. If you see them out and about be sure and say howdy. (Watch for the “Grandpas Gone Wild” T-shirt.)

Me and my parental units pose in front of an SPI Valentines Day Castle, circa 1993


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