Thursday, January 03, 2008


That is what I feel when I read SPIForum these days.
The most articulate, forceful town voices (to the point of shouting down anyone who does not agree with them) are trying to turn this town into someplace I would neither recognize nor want to visit or inhabit. Every time I read the term “color palette” I wonder who these people are and why they ended up here. They have nothing but contempt for the people who love to spend their vacations here - the same people who line up to have their pictures taken in the giant shark’s maw -- but they yearn to be loved by the rich island-hoppers who can so easily afford to patronize more exotic beaches. They think our main street is ugly, and keep saying it over and over again -- as if that will somehow magically make us lovelier instead of merely convincing the rest of the on-line world that SPI is some kind of hideous toad. But these same folks are frightened - positively terrified - of public art: the disappearing murals and non-existent sculpture that have the power to separate us from the bland ideal of a beach town they worship in their own minds.

We cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, so let’s be who we want to be....where we want to be. (Hey -- sounds like an ad campaign!) The people who like us will find us and keep coming back. The people who find us and don’t like us can take their business elsewhere. It’s okay -- because there will always be a crowd of people looking for a place just like this.

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Blogger Sam said...

You have a point, Feets, I don't think these old farts know how much business they're running off the Island by saying it has sucky looks.

Oh, you mentioned the "hideous toad" motif but I know you have a beautiful one made of pottery and ... it looks great with lipstick on it.

That SPI Forum is some "community service" isn't it though? Evil developers, horrible looks ... if it is so freaking bad then why then THEY just go home?

4:53 PM  
Blogger Beerman said...

I also get depressed reading the forum. Lifes a struggle and we are looking forward to our semi-retirement on SPI. But some of the treads make me feel like we'll be living in some high class Dallas neighborhood when you are fined for letting your grass get to tall or not bringing in the trash can soon enough after the p/u. We realize that many there at well into the 6 figures but you and Sam give us hope that average everyday factory workers can fulfill their dreams also.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

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12:09 AM  

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