Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Art show/sale at the Sandbox

Tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 15) from 2-6 and later maybe if we feel like it.

Several local artists employing a variety of interesting media will be set up in the backyard (if weather permits - upstairs if it doesn’t.) We will have snacks and music (yo, strummers!) and fun will be had regardless of whether any money changes hands (though we do certainly hope some of that will happen as well.)

I have been trying to get some little sand things done in time for the show (see the new display shelves Kirk and I built?) but am hoping to score a few custom orders as I am getting better at customization. I also am just starting to experiment with carving styrofoam that can be made to look like sand but will keep standing through wind and rain. (While I was on the secret garden tour I kept seeing all these great spots for permanent sandsculptures....)

Anyway, hope everyone reading this who can will tray and stop by, if only for a bit of holiday cheer and moral support. :)


Blogger Birthblessed said...

Sandy, what about that sand stuff that you can keep forever? Um... what's it called? I first saw it at Timberdoodle dot com but like all things, it showed up at Walmart.
Here it is at Timberdoodle:

9:05 PM  

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