Friday, June 15, 2007

shortage of affordable housing

I remember when the idea of bringing in foreign students to work service jobs on the island was first broached and how everyone thought it was such a great idea. Well, those students are here but apparently no one really gave much thought as to where these kids would live. I understand they have been packed like sardines into a little space on the mainland - there is an urgent need for affordable summer rentals for these workers. If you have some ideas, please contact Dionne over at La Playa.


Blogger MLeahy said...

I agree Sandy. That is the reason that Nancy & I have not moved to the Island yet. This has been an escalating problem for some time now. My understanding is that the Island real estate market is beginning to stagnate. If this is so, then it will probably take a 10%-15% downturn and then stabilize.

Best of luck, wish I could help.


1:16 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hey Mike I think we're talking college students and dorm-like ghettos here. I know exactly what you're sayingf though, and I have been a champion of affordable housing for years - but roundly defeated each time by the developer lobby, realtors, and greedy investors.

We're talking ghettos here Mike, like old shacks that do not meet any building code and they slap like a half-dozen or a dozen kids in a very small, dilapidated unit.

I was going to do a blog story about the ghettos of SPI and Port Isabel but thought better of it. I have first hand experience because we tried to rent our daughter a place somewhere around here.

I was shocked. About three quarters of those units should be condemned right now right here right today. Many of these kids come over from nice families overseas for a summer abroad and they see ... this apartment?

Our maid (every two weeks thank you) used to live in Port Isabel down by the docks and I'd give her a ride home. I offered to carry some furniture in for her and she said no, probably because the place looked like death warmed over, and she was too proud.

There was water flowing under the front door. It was too dark to see if the sheetrock on the ceiling was falling down. Fortunately her new digs are much better now.

Maybe if I feel inspired, and will take pictures of the inside of a few of the ghetto units, right here on the Island. But I'm afraid that the developers will just knock them down for another gawd-awful condo.

It is a problem, my friends. I am clueless where to put up any college students other than my own. /sam

6:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sam,There are people that work at City Hall that have to live in housing like that. Their landlords intimidate them completely. They believe that they have no rights as tenants. I tried to point them, but they looked at me with the 1000 yard stare and never make the calls. It is disgusting that they have been trod upon for so long they have completely surrendered and do not trust their basic rights as tenants.

So much irony; the aspiring and aspired on SPI want the trash hidden behind fences. They invite you to clean their s--t, but won't permit you to live among them.

Like they were the first ones to discover the Island!

12:11 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

Maybe island residents could rent their extra bedrooms/baths for the summer to these students. They should be a real asset to the island and be very interesting to know. Does anyone know if this is possible for a minimal amount of rent?

11:16 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Good point! I'll have to see at the BOA what's going on with some kind of International student thing. /sam

4:11 PM  

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