Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sad News in Bongodogland

I just received word that Joey Tamayo's wife Toni passed away yesterday from a very short battle with cancer - she was only diagnosed two weeks ago. The couple has a brand new baby and that makes this sad story even sadder.

The funeral is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), 2 PM at Holy Family Catholic Church at Harrison and 24th in Brownsville.

The Bongodogs will still perform - with a stand-in singer - at Palm St. Pier tomorrow night - as far as I know. Though who could blame them if they felt they had to back out? Certainly not I...

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Blogger Sam said...

Thanks to the Bongodogs for playing such an extended set ... after helping them load up and having a beer, I finally got home about midnight. Special thanks to Emilio who sang in place of Joey - he did a great job. Please support the Bongodogs if you like them, as they did that show for free.

10:44 AM  

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