Friday, June 01, 2007

Fun weekend ahead

I have been “commuting” to Port Isabel over the last few days, working on this mermaid at the Colley’s Sea Life Center -- and am having a wonderful time with it. I expect it will take me another couple of days to finish her but I am enjoying the luxury of taking my time so who knows, I could be there another week or two...

Anyway come by and see her and me and all the great exhibits at the center.

This weekend is Sam & Lori Wells appreciation days - they are both celebrating birthdays plus anniversary - and the festivities kick off with some Sat. evening partying at Wanna Wanna with the expected appearance of some off-duty Bongodogs. And then Sunday we are going to have a beach party at access #14 and chances are good that libations will spill, food will occur and a sandcastle will be erected. So if you love Sam & Lori (and who doesn’t?) come by and wish them well.

Sunday night is “Three Tons of Steel” at Palm St. Pier and I am going to try to make that as well ‘cause I love to hear good live music and Vern Lewis says these guys rock. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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